the Language School in Pesaro

Welcome to the Language School In Tutte le Lingue

This language school was created to meet the growing demand for learning and improving the most widely spoken languages in the world in an easy and modern way. Learning languages, especially English is like having a passport to the world.

pesaro corso di lingua araba

We are here to help you, following you in every step!

Teaching is our vocation and your success is our responsibility.

Our language courses

L`Insegnante Nora è un insegnante compassionevole ed esperto Il primo insegnante che insegna italiano ai suoi studenti stranieri in tre mesi. Noi, studenti siamo sempre in debito con i suoi instancabili sforzi.

Sayed Agha QeyamCadet presso Aeronautica Militare

Bravissimi e professionisti. Ottima scuola per imparare una lingua.

Oumar DiedhiouAccademia Aeronautica

I can highly recommend online, individual Italian classes. My teacher Eleonora is very professional and she is creating a very positive atmosphere. Learning by having fun!

Emilia BMarketing Professional

Online and on-site language courses.

Our method

“Speaking” is at the core of our teaching method. “Speaking” a language helps to improve your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Corporate Offer

For corporate groups we offer courses that are custome-made to match company’s profile and needs.